old growth Western Red Cedar


N2n was founded in 2008 by John Goodwin, Makah Artist, when he precieved a need to provide high quality carving wood for Native Artists. Since that time, N2N has provided Old Growth Red and Yellow Logs and Lumber to a numbers of artists and Tribes for a varitey of projects. We provide high quality Old Growth Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar and Douglas Fir logs and lumber for totem poles, canoes, and art projects. We also provide logs, beams and lumbers for structural members as well as lumber for paddles, panels and other projects.

Upon request we can provide specialty services specified by the customer such as faceting and splitting the logs as well as removing excess matrial.

We are located in Sequim, WA. We are a Native Owned company and provide high quality products. We are small and responsive and provide delivery to most reservations for a negotiated price.